The Magruder program is a proficiency testing program for fertilizers. Each subscribing laboratory receives one or two samples each month. The samples contain varying levels of plant nutrients as well as trace metal contaminants.

NEW FOR 2022!

The Magruder program is introducing sample schemes in addition to the regular samples which will include fertilizer materials important to nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium manufacturers. Each nutrient will be a separate scheme with 3 samples per year. One sample in each scheme will be shared with the regular sample scheme. The cost for each scheme will be $130 if enrolled in the Regular Sample scheme OR $200 if not enrolled in the Regular Sample scheme. Approximate weight of each sample in all schemes will be 120 g. A summary of the sample schemes is shown below.

Regular sample scheme: 12 to 13 samples as currently sent in program ($360)
N sample scheme: urea, UAN, (NH4)2SO4 ($130 w/Regular scheme; $200 alone)
P sample scheme: MAP, DAP, P rock ($130 w/Regular scheme; $200 alone)
K sample scheme: KCl, K2SO4, KMag ($130 w/Regular scheme; $200 alone)

CLICK HERE and enter the sample schemes you would like to enroll in for 2022.

Invoices will be sent out staring in August, 2021 with payment due by December 1, 2021 for the sample scheme(s) chosen.